Vehicle Shipping || Service Description


Roll On Roll Off

car-carrierThis is the easiest way to ship your car.  Cars are rolled on and off the vessel.  The vessels are purpose built and are referred to as Pure Car Carriers (PCC) or Pure Car and Truck Carriers (PCTC).  Major automobile manufactuers move their vehicles in this manner.

Container Shipping

car-in-containerContainers normally come in 20 foot or 40 foot sizes.  Your car is loaded and secured within the container.  One merit with container shipping over Pure Car Carrier Shipping is you can sometimes put personal affects in the same container.  Also, there are far more container carriers trading in the high seas than car carriers!

Car Transporter

car-transporterCar transporters come in varying sizes from 1 car to usually up to 16 cars.  We offer pick up from your home in Japan and will normally arrange for a 1-vehicle car transporter.  On the receiving side, we can also arrange for a suitable car transporter and even fully enclosed car transporters for high value shipments.