Air Cargo || Service Description


Although most personal effects will most likely go by sea, there may be a requirement to send a few things by air such as extra suitacases or boxes for immediate use.  Use Moving Japan`s air cargo service in conjuction with other moving requirements!  Please call and inquire about international air freight services.

Note Chargeable weight.   In accordance with IATA (International Air Transport Association) volumetric standards, volumetric weight will apply if a shipment is below a certain weight density. Chargeable weight of airfreight is the higher of the actual gross weight or the volumetric weight. (Volumetric weight: Height (cm) x Length (cm) x Depth (cm) /5,000.)

For example, volumetric weight of a box of 40 x 60 x 50 cm will be 24. If the gross weight of this box is 12 kg,chargeable weight is 24 kg (24 is larger than 12), however if the weight of this box is only 1 kg, then chargeable weight will be 12 kg (12 is larger than 1).

Volumetric weight is likely to apply when shipping objects low in weight density such as duvets, guitars or bicycles.